LED Lighting has become highly popular for various reasons. They are useful, versatile and create white light, colored light, and so much more. But before opting to use these for lighting your facility, you must do a complete analysis of them in order to know why they are so different compared to other types of lighting. Once you know the pros and cons of LED lighting, you will be able to make the proper decision regarding the kind of lighting that will best suit your facility.

Have you ever gone into a paint store and found the perfect color sample and said… WOW I just loved this color and bought gallons of that paint only to find out that once you painted your walls at home that the color is “nowhere” close to what you saw in the store?  Or bought wallpaper and thought it would look amazing in your house, only to find out that after you installed it that it doesn’t look the same as when you saw it in the store?

Lighting retrofits offer many benefits for building owners, building users, and electric utilities. Among the most important are reduced electricity demand, significant energy savings, and lower building operating costs. This article provides a resource that explains the technical and financial considerations of lighting retrofits, describes the most popular retrofit possibilities,
and illustrates sound retrofit decision making.

Before artificial light took over the industrialized world during the late 19th century, humans were much more connected to and affected by the 24-hour light cycle. Our biology is structured around the light from the sun (or its absence). We call these natural cycles of the mind and body circadian rhythms.


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